Found on June 1991 in Batam, PT Seltechindo Servis is a local company, manager by Carrier Singapore Pte Ltd at early stage.

PT Seltechindo Servis was set up mainly to provide after sales services to more than hundred carrier chillers and heavy equipments sole and installed at Batam, specially at Batamindo Industrial Parks. In other words, PT seltechindo Servis is an extension of Carrier Service center of Carrier Singapore Pte Ltd.

In our way, we meet some customers that have variety brand of chillers and equipments such as YORK, Mc QUAY, TRANE, DAIKIN, CENTURY, etc and nowadays, PT Seltechindo Servis do service and maintenance for other chillers and equipment as well as a part of our service to our customers.

PT Seltechindo Servis has three qualified engineers and as well as more twenty trainer technicians, four service vans to support our service teams. A complete range of spare parts including of HEPA filters worth more that $100,000 (Singapore Dollar One Hundred Thousand) are store in our warehouse in Batam. This is to guarantee our fast and reliable service.

We provide a comprehensive maintenance as well as 24 hours breakdown inspection and 2 hours response to our customers.